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This website utilizes links related to affiliate advertising from Amazon. It is a part of the LLC Associates Program that allows sites to earn fees from the advertisements while promoting the products featured on Amazon.com. Therefore, all logos are trademarks of Amazon and its partners.

FTC Guidelines

Testimonials and reviews from customers and interested users should fall under the FTC guidelines and rules. BestDrumSets.net does its best to abide by them. For this reason, you should have in mind that there is a possibility for the website to gain commissions from the third parties by selling products or services.


All people that have shared product or service testimonials on the site have done so willingly. They have used the product or service and have provided their thoughts on it afterward. No one was forced or in any way compensated for doing this by us or the retailer.

In some cases, we may present some additional testimonials. However, they are always acquired and approved by the retailer websites like Amazon.com.

Usage of Information

This section describes how your details are being used by our website. Please be aware of this before you start sharing your information with us. There may be changes to this section, but it will be updated instantly they happen and they will be applicable only for the future usage of the site.

Therefore, it’s advisable to come back to this and read it every time you come to the site. This is because by utilizing everything the site has to offer, you automatically agree to everything in this section.

Gathering Details

The personal details that are collected by the site include full names, email addresses, street addresses and so on. They are exclusively given voluntarily by the users. Without permission from you, we will never utilize them for any additional purposes other than answering your requests.

Safety of the Information

The only people, who can see the personal information you share are the agents, contractors, and employees with an authorization to do so. So, they are kept completely safe and far from the reach of others.

Tracking through Cookies

Cookies exist to collect details connected to the way people utilize the site, how many of them visit it as well as which operating system they have. With their help, the website can be made even more user-friendly and accessible. Our website may take advantage of cookies, as well.

However, note that they don’t and can’t gather personal details unless you gave it away yourself.

Sharing Your Details

We attain the right to distribute the information we receive to governmental or other agencies in case of fraud or an ongoing investigation. More precisely, the information may be shared when:

  • Attempting to stop or prevent a possible or real fraud
  • There’s an investigation of a fraud that already happened
  • The law allows or demands it

None of the details is given out for marketing aims.

Contact Us

For any queries or questions related to the site, you can contact us at contact@bestdrumsets.net

Changes to this policy can be made at any time.

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